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Dr. Suhir Bitar is a Board Certified Pediatrician. She has practiced medicine for twenty-three years and received her Medical Degree from Damascus University. Upon moving to the United States, she completed her internship and residency in Pediatrics at the University of Illinois in Chicago.

Dr. Bitar also participated as a Medical Preceptor, mentoring and teaching students for universities such as A.T Still University of Osteopathic Medicine and Grand Canyon University College of Nursing and Health Care Professionals. She is also a renowned member of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

“It was when I had my first baby girl that I realized my chosen field of Pediatrics was my calling, as it is so perfect to have an angel right in front of me.  Having had four children of my own, I find joy in being a part of the beginning of someone’s life, helping them to be healthy every step of the way. Throughout my years of experience, I've had the pleasure of taking care of children from infancy to and through their teen years, and then becoming young adults. I want to be there for the parents as well, assuring them and answering their questions.  In short, the deciding factor for going into pediatrics was my love for children, and a desire to make sure they received the best care possible.”

Dr. Bitar lives in Scottsdale with her husband, Cardiologist Dr. Zaki Lababidi and her youngest daughter. Dr. Bitar is passionate about humanitarian work, providing healthcare to refugees in need. She enjoys hiking, traveling and spending time with her adult children.

About Us

A children’s doctor who makes house calls the ideal solution when a trip to the emergency room isn’t warranted and an office appointment is inconvenient.

The dilema: Before Dr. Suhir Bitar began making in-home visits, a parent had a difficult choice to make when a child suffered from illness or injury that was not serious but still required a physician.

The options: Rearrange busy work and school schedules for a clinic appointment, or head to the emergency room, where a children’s doctor may not be available and treatment for even common maladies was expensive.

Dr. Bitar is a Scottsdale-Fountain Hills children’s doctor offering the same level of medical care that is administered in a clinic or hospital. She travels to area homes to treat children and adolescents, accompanied by a Medical Assistant and all the supplies required to make comprehensive diagnoses and treatments.

In addition to the 24-hour convenience of a house call, in-home visits by a children’s doctor offer other benefits to parents and children:

  1. House calls enable the physician to spend more time with your sick child.

  2. Children are more relaxed during an examination in the home, allowing for a more accurate diagnosis.

  3. The area’s only mobile children’s doctor also makes evening and weekend house calls.

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