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Why Use an at Home Doctor?

Imagine you need a pediatrician late at night to examine your feverish child.

An expensive emergency room visit may take at least three hours, and the attending physician will have no first-hand experience in treating your child. They will likely be hurried, managing many patients at once.  Until now, your only choice was to head for the hospital and hope for the best.

Although we cover all primary care services that any Pediatrician does in his or her office, we still recommend that the parents keep the emergency room and the hospital insurance.

Dr. Bitar limits her practice size to 100 families at a time, compared to 2000+ patients in a private office practice. This will enables her to give the at-most care for the patients in the comfort of their homes. Compared to stressful emergency room visits or inconvenient office appointment hours for non-emergency purposes, in-home pediatric visits enable Dr. Bitar to offer superior medical service in several ways:


The home is a better environment in which to treat children who are typically more comfortable and responsive in a familiar setting. More accurate diagnoses are also possible when examining children in surroundings they inhabit most of the time.


In-home visits are more convenient for both parent and child. A busy parent with a demanding job is often hard-pressed to get a sick child to a clinic. In-home visits are easily scheduled and don’t require driving to a clinic and a lengthy wait to see a physician.


More time can be spent with each patient. Getting to know a child personally can make a significant difference in long-term care. A pediatrician frequently cannot conduct in-depth, comprehensive assessments of a child’s condition in a clinic, due to time constraints.


The possibility of infection is reduced. Germ-related infections are more common in clinics or hospitals.

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