During the Covid-19 pandemic, the AAP recommends that Pediatrician use Telehealth to initiate the Pediatrics visits as well as doing a physical visit to insure that the child gets a full physical exam as well as all the tests needed for continuous health care. This is the standard of care for AHPMC, call for more details.
Board Certified Pediatrician in the comfort of your home

*One time Telemedicine service is $75

A Children's Doctor Who Comes to Your Home

Serving Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Arcadia, Chandler, and Gilbert, AZ, Dr. Suhir Bitar is an infant’s and children’s doctor offering parents an alternative to crowded doctors’ offices or trips to the emergency room.

Telemedicine Services

Sleep easy knowing you have 24/7 access to the pediatrician.

Child Checkups

Newborn/child check ups up to age 21, sport physicals, & school physicals. We also conduct circumcisions &  vaccines.

Diagnosis & Treatment

Dr. Bitar can be at your house within 24 hours. We also handle weight & asthma management.

Expecting Mothers

Call us for a meet & greet at the comfort of your home.

Special Needs Care

Parents expecting multiples, large families, children with special needs and parents interested in natural health care &  alternative vaccine scheduling.

ADHD Management

Dr. Bitar has special interest and experience in diagnosing and treating children with ADHD.

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Why Choose at Home Care?

Pediatric services at the comfort of your home with high quality services and no time constraints.

  1. Ideal for busy parents, avoiding crowded ERs, special needs children, and convenience.

  2. Anything a clinic can do, we can do at home, including immunizations.

  3. Technology has made information easily accessible and equipment more portable.

More About Home Care
Amazing service, super friendly, reasonably priced, and exactly what you are looking for in house calls with luxe feel, would highly recommend!
Jim H
Dr. Bitar has been our concierge pediatrician for years and has saved us from many emergency room visits. Her passion for care is evident and she is an outstanding pediatrician.
Client Mercer
Dr. Suhir is one of the most knowledgeable and caring doctor you will ever meet. Someone who you want in your network of doctors and by your side when your child is not feeling well. She is not only accessible when you need help but I find her to be very caring, punctual, attentive and knowledgeable. We feel very confident in trusting her with the health of our two children.
The trips to the pediatrician with sick kids is never convenient or easy. She came when I had my newborn baby and all I can say is thank you for that.  When you're a new mom it's extremely difficult leaving the house, so It was a heaven sent gift to have her come do all the newborn checkups in my living room! She was very professional and friendly, and our experience with her was very worthwhile.
Dr Suhir Bitar is hands down best Pediatrician in town. This is the most amazing practice, I am SO humbled and happy that my children are in her care. I am thrilled that this mobile practice exists because honestly with four kids, it is very difficult making it to the doctor,  and you have the best doctor in town coming to you.Thank you At Home Pediatric Medicine and thank you Dr Suhir Bitar.
Dr. Bitar is wonderful with my kids and is very caring. She has come to the rescue many times! Even an after hours visit that helped me not miss work, yet get my son the attention he needed. Antibiotics prescribed for an ear infection that evening. He was good as new in the morning and didn't have to miss school. That was a huge time saver! Thank you, Dr. Bitar! You are amazing!

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